Here's how our process works:

  1. Phone Consultation: We’ll initially talk on the phone to get a feel for:                                     --- Your project scope, budget, and expected timeline                                                                  Your site's specific utility, access, and zoning requirements                                                               Your personal expectations regarding the process                                                                          

  2. Site Meeting: We will come meet you on your future project site so we can document any existing conditions, talk more in-depth about what you have in mind, begin to envision your structure’s needs, and put together a preliminary estimate.                                                                      

  3. Preliminary Estimate: We build your estimate from a compilation of historical costs that we keep on hand. This is a “rough estimate” figure that we use to guide our process. We will be able tell you the most likely scenario for your all-inclusive total cost based on the information we have at that time.                                                                                                                                                                     

  4. Design Phase: This is where the real fun begins! We put together detailed plans and specifications that describe exactly what we are going to be doing and when it is going to happen. In the design phase, we also put together a fixed-price proposal to do your job. You'll know what you're buying and how much it will cost before we start.                                                                                     

  5. Construction Phase: At this point, we become “pure contractor” and focus on getting your work done in an efficient, timely manner. If any unforeseen issues become apparent (hidden dry rot, water damage, substandard electrical) before we do any additional work, we will bring it to your attention. We also price any additional discretionary work on a fixed-price basis so you never get hit with a surprise bill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The process starts with you. Contact us. Email us. Call us. We want  to make your vision a reality.padesign plans licensed commercial general contractors near me home renovation companies near me innovative home renovation fabrication new build